To provide the TRUTH about what food does to the human body.

Cleaner arteries, faster times

Motto: "Cleaner arteries, faster times"


My goal is to be active and athletic through age 100 and NOT have any of the chronic illnesses-- nor any of the associated medications-- that are common to those consuming the standard American diet. I am training for a world record in track in the 100-year-old division; 45 years of training left. Until then, I’ll settle for doing an Ironman every year.

It will be a great day when products that contain meat, dairy, and eggs are required to provide health warning labels similar to the health warning labels required on cigarettes. I once heard that getting nutrients from meat, dairy and eggs is like a smoker getting oxygen from a cigarette.

This website is dedicated to my mother, who died from breast cancer, and to my wife, who has been very supportive of my food-research passion.

I have four children, and I am very happy that they are getting to understand the TRUTH about what food does to their bodies--- something that took me over 50 years to figure out. At least my last 50 years will be chronic-illness free.

Motto: "Cleaner arteries, faster times"