Influential Documentaries

Influential Whole-Food Plant-Based Documentaries

Forks Over Knives- 2011 (96 min.) ($3 rental)- also on Netflix

What the Health - Documentary - 2017 (92 min.)trailer

VEGAN 2017 - The Film (47 min.)

VEGAN 2018 - The Film (58 min.)

VEGAN 2019 - The Film (51 min.)

VEGAN 2020 - The Film (51 min.)

PlantPure Nation - Documentary (99 min.)

Cowspiracy - documentary (91 min.)

Is our food killing us? What Is on your plate? Could a whole food plant based diet be the answer? (27 min.)

Farmaggeedon -- The True Cost of Cheap Meat (11 min.)

Vegucated [Documentary] (77 min.)

Live and Let Live (81 min.)

Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (90 min.)

The Marshall Plan documentary (61 min.)

PROCESSED PEOPLE - Plant Based Documentary 2008 (40 min.)

Let us be Heroes - The True Cost of our Food Choices (2018) Full documentary (41 min.)

Is a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet an Answer to Chronic Disease? 2017 Documentary (39 min.)

Astonishing 'MIRACLE' of Plant Based Diet (32 min.)

Is Our FOOD KILLING Us? What Is On YOUR Plate? Could a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Be the Answer? (27 min.)

The Widowmaker Movie 2015 (95 min.)

WHEN VEGAN DIETS DON'T WORK #3: Dr. Ostfeld (31 min.)

Secret Ingredients (80 min.) ($5 rental)

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives (85 min.)

Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering (76 min.)

Forks Over Knives - The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (Documentary) (53 min.)

A Delicate Balance, The Truth - Sumpreme Master (81 min.)

PlanEat (71 min.)

Living Proof (97 min. on Amazon Prime)--  3-min. trailer here

The Game Changers - trailer (available on Netflix)

Eating You Alive (108 min.) ($5 rental)

Lecture at University of Florida College of Medicine (Dr. Klaper) (96 min.)

Let us be Heroes - The True Cost of our Food Choices (2018) (41 min.)

Dairy Doubts - Health Concerns About Consuming Dairy Products (43 min.)

From the Ground Up- trailer (93 min.) (available on Amazon Prime)

Unsupersize Me - trailer (Amazon Prime) 

What the Health

Cowspiracy- documentary

Live and Let Live

Second Opinion- Laetrile

Forks Over Knives - trailer

From the Ground Up – trailer

Make the Game Changers Picture

Code Blue (trailer); available on Amazon Prime

H.O.P.E What You Eat Matters (2018)

MILKED - White Lies In Dairy Land

Food Choices (2022)

The End of Meat (2022)

The Big Fat Lie (2022)